Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Wish List: Taupe Color Block Dress

Happy Friday, Ladies! I came across this dress on Pinterest and completely fell in love. And of course, after checking the website, I realized it was sold out (insert a big sigh because a) it's sold out which means it wont be in my closet, and b) it's sold out which means I won't be spending money I shouldn't). So really, it was a good and bad thing. But the more I think about this dress, the more I need to have it. I can see wearing this so many different ways. With sandals in the summer, closed toed pumps in the fall, black knee high boots in the winter... it's just so beautiful. So, I signed up for the email notice when it comes back in stock. I've never ordered from LuLu*s so I'm interested to see what the quality is, as the dress is only $40! Despite being "advertised" as a "juniors" store, I find a lot of their things appropriate for girls in their 20s (like me). Have you ever ordered from them before?

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!