Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore: Cold Night Out

If you are living in Chicago, you know that it has been cold and rainy for what seems like the last month. This prompted me to have an insane craving for French Onion Soup that could only be filled with a stop at one of my favorite French places in the city, Bistrot Zinc. This cozy little gem in the Gold Coast offers the best in French faire along with some great martinis. And it's the perfect comfort food for a brisk fall evening.

Given the temperature, I decided to bundle up. However, I am not ready to break out my wool and down coats just yet, so I layered a solid black sweater underneath a Rugby (RIP Rugby) Ralph Lauren blazer and topped it off with a new scarf from Nordstrom BP and some Louboutins for a little sass.

Blazer: Rugby Ralph Lauren; Scarf: Nordstrom BP; Jeans: Hudson; Shoes: Louboutin.

Bistrot Zinc's French Onion Soup