Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Sunday Post?

Sorry for not posting on Friday like I ought to have done! So, why not do a Sunday post?

I had a great week. Work is going really well, I've caught up with great friends and just overall had a good time. Here are some pictures from my week:

I wore this outfit earlier this week. You've seen this Gap cardigan before, and this black tank with a bow is a recent purchase and is currently on sale. I don't typically wear my cardigans this way (buttoned up), but I really love this look!

Katie and I had a fantastic dinner date this week to celebrate a promotion for her, and just a "we have our sh*t together" dinner. Things seem to be going pretty well for both of us professionally right now, so it's exciting to share with each other! We went to one of the many Fracnesca's locations. I had the spinach and cheese ravioloi, we split the bruschetta and a bottle of proseco, and I'm pretty sure Katie had the rigattoni. Their food is always fantastic, so I highly suggest going to the closest location to you.

Yesterday I started my day off in bed, catching up on some blogs that I read. and then I had lunch with a friend from college and we decided to go shopping together. The mall that we went to is outdoors, and after walking around for (I kid you not) 4 hours, it was great to sit down by the new fireplace and drink some warm tea! And my feet were exhausted so it was a welcome break!

And who doesn't love froyo?! I went last Sunday after actually being able to walk out of my first yoga class. I'm headed to my second one right now, so wish me luck!

I hope you guys had a great week. I am excited to sleep in tomorrow since my office is closed for the holiday. I plan on doing laundry and some cleaning... I really need to dust. Have a great Sunday!

Thanks for reading!