Monday, January 13, 2014

On the Hunt: Cocktail Dress

I'm going to California at the end of February for a work conference and I am in need of a work-appropriate cocktail dress. Sure, I have plenty of LBD's... 19 to count (don't tell my man!), but a new job, a new conference and warmer weather are all perfect excuses in my book to go out and get a new one! Plus, I'm on a strict fashion spending ban for a while. Since I already have pretty much everything that I need for this conference, I can make an exception for a dress and these shoes. It's a fairly conservative group of people, so I can't go crazy with hem lengths, sparkles or cleavage (not that I'd want to). I don't want to spend more than $150 on a dress, so here are my top picks:

shop - I can see wearing this so many different ways, on so many different occasions. So to me, that makes it a worthy investment. I would wear this as shown with flats, with heels, tights and booths, strappy sandals. It may not necessarily scream cocktail attire, but with the right shoes and accessories, it could work.

shop - Possibly not the best option for warm California weather, but I still love the detailing on the cuffs.

shop - Love the peter pan colar. This would definitely get a lot of use from me!

shop - I love the detailing and that I would only need to pack a pair of earrings to wear with this. However, as someone who actually has hips (and doesn't have to pop them out in pictures like the model), that middle band might not be too flattering. But, it's worth stopping at H&M to check out.

shop - this is definitely not work-appropriate, but I had to include it anyways. I love anything that has cutouts or is backless. I love that the sides are exposed. I would probably take this to my tailor though and have her shorten it just a bit. The length seems a bit long to me, so I would have a few inches chopped off so that it either sits at knee length, or mid-thigh.

shop - This is probably the most weather appropriate option. I actually really love the pattern and the colors. And the silhouette is really flattering.

shop - Again, probably not the best option because of the weather, but this is just too cute. It's not really all that "cocktail dress" like, but I would wear it as such.

shop - Okay, this one is over budget, but not by much. And it's freaking adorable! Definite contender!
So what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Did I miss any?!

Thanks for reading!