Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New In: NARS Roman Holiday

I went to the mall with a purpose this past weekend... I needed a new everyday pink lipstick. I had an idea of what I was looking for, shade wise, but other than that was completely lost. I'm more of a lipstick person than a gloss person. I hate anything sticky or anything that my hair can get caught in. So I stopped at the NARS counter in Nordstrom wanting to check out their lip pencils. After talking to the lady we decided on the matte version and started swatching and trying them on. And I found it - I fell in love. Roman Holiday is possibly the best everyday lipstick for me. The color is perfect, the texture is great. It's overall just an amazing product.

I decided on this color because it is cool-toned and matches my natural lip color pretty well. I didn't want anything that made it look like I was trying too hard. This adds a little bit of color, without being too in-yo-face about it. And it really just polishes off any makeup look I could ever want to create. As much as I hate the term "my lips but better," this is exactly what this is for me. It adds a little bit more color than I naturally have, without looking overdone. 

I got one more color that I'm saving to show you later. I definitely need to try out more of these! Any color suggestions?

Till next time!