Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Wore: Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day the guy and I went to Chicago's Cite located on the 70th floor of Lake Point Tower. Aside from getting rose petals suck to the bottom of my loubs multiple times and the blatant displays of PDA throughout the restaurant, the dinner offered up a great view and great company.

Every year I want to be one of those girls that can rock a dress on v-day regardless of the temperature outside, but the pansy in me always holds me back and this year was no different. So, I opted for a leather and lace look with some statement heels. Here's what I wore:

Blazer: H&M; lace tank: H&M; leggings: Nordstrom BP; Shoes: Louboutin; Ring: Bendels.

Cite's table. #luxe