Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Shoe I'm Lusting Over For Less

I've been looking to replace my beige flats for a while (seen here). They're not that great quality to begin with, but they've definitely seen some love. It's time for them to retire, so I've been on the hunt for a new pair. Last week or so I tweeted a link to the shoe below:


And while $175 isn't really breaking the bank, it's more than I want to spend on a pair of flats. So, I've been looking, and this morning (at 5:15 am) I was checking my email (this is normal), and one popped up from Banana Republic that they're having a 41% off sale today(I'll just let you imagine the squeal of delight I made)! So, naturally I started browsing and came across these:


So I obviously got really excited that 1) the starting price of this shoe was less, 2) that there is a 41% off sale and 3) they have them in my size. Pulled out my credit card, and they're mine! Great way to start a Tuesday! If you get them today with the sale, the math comes out to $40 off! Which to me is a great deal.

I know we don't typically post on Tuesdays, but I had to let you know about the sale. Use code BRAPRIL41 at checkout.

UPDATE: I'm seriously debating about ordering these in black too. Thoughts?

Have a great day!