Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Wore: Watermelon Pants

Guess what? I had the day off today and it was fabulous! I slept in, did some reading, worked out, looked at apartments and took a nap. Btw, who else thinks that nap time should not be limited to kindergarten? I think they should be implemented for all ages. 

So, I had the day off because I had a meeting all weekend and I wore my new watermelon colored pants from Banana Republic. I love this color and really this entire outfit!

Sorry for the shoddy photo quality... I only had a minute to myself. #bathroomselfie

Top // H&M 
Pants // Banana Republic
Jacket // The Limited
Shoes // Michael Kors
Watch // Michael Kors

I can't wait to wear these pants more during the summer. I have a ton of ideas for them. I bought them a size bigger because they were fitting a bit snug in the fitting room but they stretched out a little during the day. I probably could have gotten away with my normal size but I like that they're a little more loose (read - I can eat a big lunch and get away with it!).

And, I love this ruffle top! I'm not normally one for ruffles, but this one has me rethinking that opinion. It's fairly new, so you can still probably get it in stores. 

Till next time,