Monday, August 4, 2014

What I Wore: Black and White Ikat

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was super relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. I was running a little late this morning so finding something easy to throw on was a must. I bought this ikat, polka dot dress form H&M last summer and it's still one of my favorites. I love wearing it to work with a cardigan (seen here) or with a brown braided belt and sandals for a more casual look. And we all know how much I love my polka dots. This kind of ikat print makes it a little more interesting.

dress // H&M
cardigan // Banana Republic
shoes // J.Crew
necklace // H&M

And here are some extra snaps from my weekend...

I had a terrible craving for steak fajitas a few weeks ago and finally got around to getting some. There's this great hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Villa Park, Los Burritos that has the best steak fajitas. I highly recommend checking them out if you're ever in the suburbs.

And then we had to do something healthy, so we played badminton (we're staring to get super competitive) and went for a run. I thought I was going to need to break in my new gym shoes, but they're super comfy and there have been no blisters! (Can you hear the Hallelujah chorus? Cause I can!)

See you on Friday!