Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I Wore: Girls Day, Pt. II

True Story 1: Trying this on in the fitting room I thought it was a dress. So I tried pulling it over my head and got stuck. I undid the buttons and made sure the drawstring wasn't tied and tried again. Got stuck again. Pulled it off with much grunting, held it at arms length to get a good look and realized it's a romper.

True Story 2: Walking in the door after meeting with Katie on Saturday, Mr. says, "I like your onesie."

I feel like my post should just end there because, I mean - let's be honest, can it get better than that? No.  

But let's continue...

I have tried and tried to find a romper that fits well with my long torso and short legs. Shopping on Friday after work I decided to take a gamble on this Loft creation and asked for your opinion on Instagram (follow us @GirlsAndCity) and you liked it!

My only complaint is the ocassoony cameltoe that it gives. Not super flattering, but I think I can live with it. 

Romper // Loft
Bag // Michael Kors
Sandals // Target 
Sunglasses // Target
Necklace // Tiffany's 

I really like it and can't wait to dress it up with a pair of heels and maybe a jacket! Hell maybe I'll even get crazy and wear it with tights in the winter, a la Olivia Palermo

Till next time,