Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I Wore: Casual Night Out

Mr. and I headed to our local Oktoberfest this weekend to endulge in my always present craving for German food. Being German may have something to do with it, but regardless the food was great! There wasn't an oompah band this year which was a disappointment, but on the whole it was a success. 

Tshirt // Madewell
Jeans // American Eagle (these are a new pair and are by far the best jeans I've ever owned!)
Flats // J.Crew
Watch // Michael Kors
Scarf // Nordstrom

I love a good tshirt and jeans combo. And these two are my favorites of both. I wanted to dress it up a little so I added some glossy waves to look like I put in a little more effort to get ready. 

What are your favorite Oktoberfests in Chicago that I need to add to my list?