Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New In: Leopard Heels

If you saw my Gifting Myself post back in December you'll recognize these heels. I mentioned that they were on my wish list, but that if Santa decided to bring me something more awesome I would still probably go out and get them for myself. Lucky for me that my mom Santa does read Girls&City and surprised me with these! And I am in love!

Because I wear a lot of monochrome looks, prints and shoes like this are the perfect way to spice up an otherwise boring/plain outfit. I can't wait to start styling them. Even though I have a capsule wardrobe with a strict rule to not buy any new pieces until the end of February, I think it's okay to include these! Because hey, I didn't buy them... Santa did! Therefore (because I totally need to justify this ;) )I'm still within the rules of my capsule! It's been too cold in Chicago to take any pictures, so hopefully I'll have something for you soon with these.